SERVICES                     DIRECTOR                 SENIOR STYLIST         UP and COMING

                              Cut and Blowave                       $59.00                                      $55.00                                 $51.00

                              Re-Style                                   $69.00                                      $65.00                                 $61.00

                              Cut/Blowave Straight                $65.00                                      $65.00                                 $65.00

                              Fringe Trim                               $15.00                                      $15.00                                 $15.00

                              13 -17 Cut & B/wave                $35.00                                      $35.00                                 $35.00     

                              10 -12 years                             $28.00                                      $28.00                                 $28.00       

                              4 -9 years                                 $22.00                                      $22.00                                 $22.00        

                              3 & Under                                 $20.00                                      $20.00                                 $20.00      

                              Braid                                        $45.00                                      $45.00                                 $45.00      


                               Mens                                       $40.00                                       $33.00                               $33.00

                               Clipper Cut                              $23.00                                       $23.00                               $23.00

                               Beard Trim                               $15.00                                       $15.00                               $15.00

                               Hair Tattooing                          $65.00                                       $65.00                               $65.00




The Director at Talk About Hair And Beauty has a minimum of 10 years hairdressing experience. The Director has also achieved the highest hairdressing education available. If you want the ultimate and absolute perfection this is for you.


Senior stylists at Talk About Hair And Beauty have a minimum of 4 years of hairdressing experience and must have completed all of our competencies. And continue with further training on regular basis. Very experienced and a reasonable cost.


Stylists are fully qualified have a minimum of 8 months experience on the floor and must have completed specific Talk About Hair And Beauty competencies. And Continue with regular training. This level is very competent and offered at a reduced price.

At Talk About Hair And Beauty we have a tiered pricing structure in place that enables you to choose the level of stylist you desire and at the price you want to pay.

All our prices are inclusive of GST. All colour services include a complimentary Delorenzo leave-in-treatment, which protects hair colour and prevents fading. Our pricing structure reflects the advanced educational level of our hairdressers. All quotes are given prior to service. 
All prices are subject to variation without notice.All prices are a starting from price