Here are some major points about De Lorenzo


  • Australian Made
  • Australian Owned
  • No Petrochemicals used in the products
  • No Animal by products or derivatives
  • Not tested on Animals
  • Plant based products
  • Products used from free trade in Australia
  • Low Ammonia used in colour Tints ( better than "no ammonia")
  • Have their own water tanks and recycle their own water to use in products


Mr Vincent along with his Brother Anton started De Lorenzo in 1932 it was originally called DELVA ( an acronym for DEL= Delorenzo, V= Vincent, A= Anton) it was then sold to the multi nationals who took the name further.

Mr Vincent along with Anton moved into the company as we now it - 'De lorenzo'.

The De Lorenzo family has been dedicated to the hairdressing industry since 1932. As hairdressers, Trichologists and Cosmetologists the devotion to producing the most advanced natural hair cosmetic range and system of hair analysis has always been their priority.

The De Lorenzo research laboratories manufacture natural based hair products on-site it in an environmentally sensitive manner. They guarantee excellence in performance and ensure the effectiveness of the complete De Lorenzo Product system.


Why we use & recommend De Lorenzo!

We like Delorenzo because they are cruelty free to Animals and do not test on Animals.

DeLorenzo colours contain a very low amount of ammonia for info on ammonia click here

DeLorenzo are a family run business that are interested in you, the client as much as us as a salon

DeLorenzo prices are a great medium range price for a great quality product

DeLorenzo back up is second to none including their own tricholigist working for them

DeLorenzo formulate their own colours and produce their own products in their own factory. Right here in Australia!