Clients Feedback

These are true quotes and comments from clients in the salon

"The Renovations are great, Staff are very Cheerful, Its a bit like coming to family" 

~ Kathryn


"I have been using the Delorenzo New Defence Shampoo and Conditioner now for 6  months.

I have found that the products have improved my hair quality and the amount I use is minimmal making the product great value for money" 

~ Glenda

"The Delorenzo products are fantastic i have been using them for years, the product is so concentrate that you only use such a small amount and it lasts forever"

~ Norma

"Thanks to Ron for all your help, advice and wonderful customer service! Just Purchased a Cloud Nine Straightener from Talk about Hair and Beauty and the customer service I received was excellent. Friendly and caring so you actually make the right purchase and Know that you are getting a quality product. Thanks guys will definitely have to make a booking for my hair when I'm in the area".